VO5 Hot Oil Treatment
Since your hair is the first thing people think about you, you should always aspire to have it looking its best! Hair treatments are a fantastic idea as a result, which is why should try the VO5 Hot Oil in your package.
How to Use the VO5 Hot Oil Treatment
• Remove one of the tubes from the package once a week and heat it in a mug of hot water (alternatively you can drop it in your bath or under a hot running shower).

• Break the cap open and apply it to damp hair until it’s heated (avoiding the roots). Massage the oil into your hair, concentrating on the ends.
• Allow it to sit for about a minute before thoroughly rinsing.
• Apply shampoo and conditioner as normal to finish.
VO5 Hot Oil Treatment: 7 Reasons to Get Your Hands on It
1. They’re well-known and have a long history
1976: The Bee Gees are at the top of the charts, everybody wants Farrah Fawcett’s hair, and VO5 has just released their original hot oil treatment just in time for summer.
Though replicating Farrah’s iconic Charlie Angels look might be difficult, VO5’s moisturising oil treatment is giving our tresses the star treatment they deserve by restoring shine and revitalizing dry, dull hair. Fast forward to 2016, and these legendary hot oils have been phased out, causing a hair meltdown. But they have no idea that VO5’s hair care scientists are working on a new recipe…

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The 2018 VO5 Nourishing Coconut Hot Oil retains the hair-softening properties that made this product famous back then, but it now tackles modern-day hair stresses (think pollution, excessive heat styling, dryness, and damage) in just one minute. It’s true that miracles do happen!
2. They may aid in hair regrowth.
Let’s move on to the next set of advantages! They will help to reinforce your fragile or weakened strands by bonding together the weak sites of each strand* when used as a weekly treatment. What’s the end result? There would be less split ends, which means less breakage and healthier-looking hair.
3. They Help to Add Shine
They assist in the Addition By penetrating deep inside the hair, Shine VO5 hot oils use the power of heat to restore moisture in dry, dull locks. Regular hair oils penetrate the cuticle, manipulating changes in the hair structure rather than simply coating it – and heated oils work much better.
Unlike other leave-in hair oils, this hot oil treatment should be completely rinsed out.
4. They’re color-safe and free of parabens.
If you color your hair, you’re well aware of how easily your tresses will lose their luster. Don’t worry; the VO5 hot oil treatments will help dyed hair retain its vibrancy.
Your pretty hue will look more vivid if you hold dry/damaged hair at bay with this weekly paraben-free treatment.
5. They Help to Remove Chlorine from Your Hair
Chlorine, as you already know, is bad for your hair, so if you plan on spending a lot of time in the pool this summer, make sure you spend an extra few minutes rinsing your hair to remove any chlorine residue.
Fortunately, as opposed to only shampooing, the VO5 hot oil treatments help to eliminate chlorine from your hair. Plus, because of their small size, they won’t take up too much room in your suitcase – perfect for traveling!

6. They don’t make your hair fall out
It’s a common misconception that hair oils weigh down and make your tresses feel thick. The VO5 hot oil treatments, on the other hand, are different: thanks to advanced technology, the solution is much lighter than you’d think.
This is fantastic news for girls with thin, limp hair who are worried about oils making their hair look thick and greasy.
7. They Have a Coconut Flavor
Have you ever tried to join the coconut craze? Now’s your chance to shine! Your hair can smell like a tropical island in no time thanks to the beautiful, indulgent coconut fragrance

VO5 Hot Oil Treatment

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VO5 Hot Oil Treatment