North Fulton Treatment Center
601 Bombay Lane,
Roswell, GA 30076
Phone: (770) 754-4674

Fax: (770) 754-4676
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Treatment Services:

 Medication-Assisted Opiate Treatment
 Methadone Treatment
 Subutex Treatment
 Guest Dosing
 Alcohol Treatment
 Drug and Alcohol Evaluations
 Counseling—Individual, Child/Adolescent, Couples, and Family

What are the Benefits of North Fulton Treatment


All of our therapists have a Master's Degree in Counseling or Social
Work and are Georgia licensed. All of our therapists, as well as our
medical team, have received extensive training to assist you in
navigating this life change.

Statement of Mission and Goals:
To relieve the suffering caused by opiate addiction by offering
pharmaceutical, medical, and psychological options for achieving
recovery, stability, and self-respect. Medication-Assisted Treatment is
another name for this.

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 Create a pleasant, therapeutic environment in which a person may
feel welcomed, supported, and encouraged; and treat each
individual with dignity and respect.
 Act in line with the counseling tenets of autonomy, beneficence,
and non-malfeasance by fully engaging each individual in his or
her recovery choices.

If You Want to Treat as a guest? Just Follow this


 The criteria for setting up guest doses at North Fulton Treatment
Center, 601 Bombay Lane, Roswell, GA 30076, are listed below.
 Two weeks ahead to the expected start date of guest dosage, the
client or counselor must notify our treatment facility.
 Required documents: an official guest dose request signed by the
client's counselor or social worker, as well as the medical director
of the visitor. Without these signatures, no exceptions will be
 All needed documents must be faxed to North Fulton Treatment
Center at least seven (7) business days before the anticipated
guest dosage start date.
 There is a one-time $25.00 guest dosage charge plus the cost of
the medicine (price varies). Methadone costs $15.00 per dosage,
whereas Subutex costs $20.00.
 A valid photo ID (driver's license, military ID, or passport) must be
shown by the client. The customer will not be able to get services

that day if he or she does not have this ID. When attending our
treatment center, the client should have this ID with him or her at
all times.
 Please contact us by email or phone if you have any further
questions or concerns.

Doctors List:

 Name: Melissa Ragsdale, LPC, MAC
 Email:

 Name: Trish Monahan, LPC, BC-TMH
 Email:

 Name: Elaine Kovacs, LMSW
 Email:

 Name: Nona Ghazban, LPC
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 Name: Abby Jasmer, Office Manager
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 Name: Dr. Cassandra Wanzo, MDNorth Fulton Treatment Center

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North Fulton Treatment Center

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