Holistic cancer treatment for dogs

Holistic cancer treatment for dogs is different. Holistic pet remedies specialize in balancing your dog’s system. Holistic pet therapies are useful because they are normal and help the dog’s body rebalance. Changing your dog’s diet is always the first step.

Holistic Treatment for Cancer in Dogs

Acupuncture, herbals, Food Therapy, Aromatherapy, Reiki, and flower essences are also used in holistic medicine to treat cancer in dogs and cats. Some pet parents have chosen to not pursue any allopathic treatments, like chemotherapy and/or radiation, and elected to use more “natural” modalities that aim to strengthen the immune system so the body can heal itself. Others have chosen holistic therapies as a supportive solution, reporting a positive overall reaction to the treatments, fewer adverse effects, and a higher quality of life. Here may be a very general guide to holistic treatment for many sorts of cancers in dogs and cats.

  1. Find a local holistic veterinarian for guidance.

This is extremely important to form sure you’re giving appropriate therapy for your pet’s specific sort of cancer. It’s nearly impossible to sift through the avalanche of suggestions created by a Google search. Remember, you can do harm with supplements. Just because they’re natural, doesn’t mean they’re safe. Find a veterinarian who has treated cancer patients with vitamins and natural therapies.

  1. remember that holistic treatments are individualized and treat the whole body, not just the presenting complaints.

Not all pets have an equivalent recommendation for diet, supplements, and acupuncture. The reason being achieve treating cancer using holistic therapies is that they’re tailored to the individual rather than employing a generalized protocol for sort of cancer. For example, 3 patients with mast cell tumors can have 3 completely different therapeutic plans. In this case, take under consideration the pet’s personality, environment, medical record, toxin exposure, diet, etc. to come up with a really specific plan for that pet.

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3.Acupuncture, herbs, diet therapy, and essential oils may all be beneficial.

Acupuncture treats cancer by stimulating the system to function optimally to rid the body of abnormally growing cells. It can also help to reduce pain and inflammation by clearing energy blockages in the body.

  1. Food therapy may be a key player in cancer treatment.

Essential oils (Aromatherapy) are often used for system support, pain management, emotional well-being (important for the patient and care-taker), and a few can even be wont to shrink tumors. Reiki or other sorts of healing energy medicine can promote healing, decrease pain, and supply emotional support for the whole family, especially during times of stress (physically and emotionally). Flower Essences are a wonderfully gentle thanks to supporting emotional well-being.

  1. Feed a high-quality, whole food diet. the #1 rule is to avoid processed foods!

Diet is arguably one of the foremost vital components of holistic therapy. A pet has never been successfully treated if they’re fed a kibble-based diet or are eating processed treats (rawhides, milk bones, etc).

Processed foods are harmful since they promote inflammation within the body. Chronic and uncontrolled inflammation (that is typically within the body where you can’t directly observe its effects) can damage cellular DNA resulting in the event of cancer.

  1. To avoid toxin exposure, just have filtered/purified water.
  2. Avoid immunizations, flea/tick preventatives, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, etc. as much as possible.

Giving vaccinations to a cancer-stricken pet is equivalent to pouring fuel on a burn. Vaccines are meant to challenge the immune system. A pet with cancer features a deficiency in its system and therefore the last item it needs is to be challenged. Vaccines also contain an outsized amount of poisons within the sort of heavy metals and other ingredients to potentiate their effects.

  1. Provide exercise and fresh air daily! This is extremely important for immune system modulation.

Daily exercise as part of the holistic regimen. Exercise gently because the pet can tolerate and luxuriate in. It will help move the blood within the body which circulates the white blood cells of the system to decrease pain and better find those abnormally growing cancer cells.

Sunlight and fresh air can provide an emotional boost to leap-start the system. This is true for pets and parents!

Some Holistic Supplements for Dogs & Cats to Support Cancer

Digestive Enzymes: they assist to fight inflammation, also help the gastrointestinal system break down and more easily absorb the urgently needed nutrients in food.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids (from marine sources): a number of nature’s most potent anti-inflammatories. These healthy fats are crucial for immune and systema nervosum function and are necessary for rebuilding cell membranes.

Antioxidants protect cells from oxidative damage (which leads to chronic inflammation) and improve immune function. They help prevent cell and tissue injury by scavenging and destroying free radicals and playing a crucial role in cancer prevention and control. Vitamins A, C, and E are among the most well-known antioxidants. Other powerful antioxidants include tea extract, coenzyme Q10 (which reduces radical production at the source), N-acetylcysteine, proanthocyanidins, flavonoids, carotenoids, and quercetin. Curcumin, from the Indian spice turmeric, warrants special mention because it also inhibits tumor growth and metastasis and tends to scale back the side effects of chemotherapy. Check with your veterinarian before supplementing with antioxidants.

Medicinal Mushrooms: a crucial part of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and contain powerful immune-modulating compounds like beta-glucans.Many holistic practitioners use them as part of their cancer care plans.

Medicinal Herbs: many herbs are renowned for his or her cleansing, tonic, anti-tumor, or anti-cancer effects. Herbs are often extremely powerful, and with power comes potential toxicity, so work together with your veterinarian to make sure safe use. There are two herbal formulas widely utilized in cancer care: Essiac and therefore the Hoxsey Formula. Both are named for the first formulators of the herbal compounds, (although Essiac is that the formulator’s surname, Caisse, spelled backward).

Holistic cancer treatment for dogs

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