High Point Treatment Center

High Point Treatment Center is a part of the Outpatient Care Centers industry in Plymouth, Massachusetts. High Point Treatment Center,Inc. has 24 workers at this position. ( Workers figure is modelled).The High Point Treatment Center,Inc. is made up of ten companies.

Our Story

High Point Treatment Center was incorporated as a nonprofit pot in July 1996 with the purpose of copping the means of High Point, a intimately possessed substance abuse treated installation in Plymouth, Massachusetts. In August 1997, High Point Treatment Center was successful in copping the Plymouth installation and began operating a substance abuse detox and recuperation program, as well as a small Inpatient clinic in New Bedford.

In 2002, High Point Treatment Center created a parent association called the Southeast Regional Network, which also combined with NeBCOA, the oldest substance abuse agency ( incorporated in 1971) in New Bedford. It provides short and long- term domestic services in New Bedford.

Our Installations & Services

Our comprehensive continuum of care is designed to support you at every position.

High Point and its cells will be there with you every step of the way as you address your dependence and/ or internal health issue.

Inpatient Services

Inpatient Services

Domestic Services

Community Grounded Service

Inpatient Services

Comprehensive outpatient services for treatment of dependence and internal health issues in technical settings.

New Bedford Complex

The New Bedford Complex consists of two treatment installations and High Point’s Executive Services

  • The Women’s Addiction Treatment Center is a facility dedicated to helping women overcome their addictions (Section 35 & voluntary admissions)
  • New Bedford TSS

Women’s Addiction Treatment Center (WATC)

The Women’s Addiction Treatment Center (WATC) accepts civilly married women ( Section 35) in addition to voluntary commitments. It’s a staff- secured, but not locked, treatment program. Tranquility Auberge offers a Detoxification Unit and Clinical Stabilization Services.

Detoxification Unit

This Inpatient medical unit provides safe pullout from alcohol and other medicines for women. Drug Supported Treatment (methadone, buprenorphine, or naltrexone) is available as a treatment option. The treatment platoon is croaker- directed with 24-hour nursing care, certified counselors, and case directors. Treatment includes individual and group comforting, family support and education, and aftercare planning. Cases on methadone conservation may detox from other dependence medicines while continuing methadone remedy. This Inpatient medical unit provides safe pullout from alcohol and other medicines for women.

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Clinical Stabilization Services

Clinical Stabilization Services is a 24-hour recuperation program that incorporates individual and group comforting, 12- Step education, and other sickie- education groups, lectures, and opioid overdose forestallment shops fastening on relapse forestallment and managing chops. An enhanced treatment plan is developed with active participation from the treatment platoon and case. Family participation is encouraged. Length of stay is grounded on cases’clinical requirements. Cases also attend daily in- house commitment (AA/ NA) groups.

Executive Services

Departments include Human Coffers, Information Technology, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Executive Support, Payroll/ Benefits, Community Relations, and Executive Management.

Transitional Support Services (TSS)

New Bedford TSS is a 36- bed transitionalco-ed program that bridges the gap between detox and step-down services to domestic after- care.

Services Include

Psycho-educational groups on substance use & recovery chops, fall forestallment/ operation, life chops, health/ heartiness & further

. Opioid overdose forestallment

Assisting cases on or seeking drug supported treatment (MAT)

Monitoring case tone- administered meds

Referrals to recovery- acquainted settings, ( domestic recuperation services, support-ive transitional and/ or endless casing programs, or community- grounded treatment and/ or recovery services)

. Exposure to tone- help programs

Recreational conditioning

Inpatient Services

Outpatient substance abuse treatment and internal health services are available in Brockton, New Bedford, Plymouth, and Taunton, as well as throughout Southeastern Massachusetts. At utmost spots, services are handed during the day and numerous conventions have evening hours. We offer individual, group, drug operation, and family services to address different clinical requirements. An interdisciplinary platoon of professionals includes certified social workers, internal health clinicians, Master’s position clinicians, certified dependences clinicians, psychiatrists, and psychologists.

High Point provides Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative (CBHI) at all inpatient spots. Home- grounded remedy is also handed. Mental health services for children, adolescents, families, and grown-ups are offered in the home for guests who would profit further from entering comforting in their own terrain. In addition, ferocious home- grounded services for children and families suffering from complex internal health judgments are offered. The services are family- concentrated with the pretensions of precluding out of home placement of the children and perfecting family performing as a unit.

New Bedford Outpatient Clinic

Services include individual, group, couples, and family remedy for adolescents and grown-ups. We also give Drug Supported Treatment (MAT, including Suboxone and Vivitrol), psychiatric drug services, motorists alcohol education (DAE), alternate lawbreaker aftercare (SOA), intimate mate abuse education program (IPAEP), wrathfulness operation group, parenthood group, and Structured Inpatient Dependence Program ( Cleaner). We specialize in treating individualities with substance use complaint, as well as a wide range of internal health conditions. Also, we offer substance use complaint and internal health evaluations for court- commanded individualities.

New Bedford Opioid Treatment Program

High Point’s Opioid Treatment Program (OTP) provides methadone treatment to grown-ups age 18 and aged with opioid use complaint. The OTP is concentrated on personalized treatment. Treatment plans are created with the case and primary clinician and also reviewed by themulti-disciplinary treatment platoon with the medical director subscribing off. Populations served include but aren’t limited to men, women, pregnant women, cases with habitual ails, and dually diagnosed internal health diseases.

Comforting is handed in individual sessions, as well as groups. Fall forestallment, anxiety reduction, women’s and mothers’ groups are offered. Our group program is always evolving to suit patient requests and linked requirements. Admissions are on a walk-in base and‘ direct admit’ requests from internal and external installations, as well as transfer admissions from area conventions and out of state. The OTP lasts for a full year.

High Point Affiliates


Southeast Massachusetts Council on Advocacy

Community Based Services

High Point offers a variety of community services, such as

Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative (CBHI)

Community Support Program (CSP)

The Brockton Mayors Opioid Overdose Prevention Program

Children’s Behavioral Health Initiative (CBHI)

Families and children are served (up to age 21).

CBHI services give personalized, ferocious remedy and support to youth and their families. CBHI connects families floundering with internal health and substance use to community coffers, enabling them to work towards tone- adequacy. CBHI has two separate services which can be handed

In- Home Remedy (IHT) is a platoon- grounded approach comprised of a Master’s position or certified clinician and paraprofessional remedial training and support staff working together with linked youth and their family to strengthen connections, ameliorate communication, learn to resolve conflicts, and develop healthy routines.

Remedial Mentoring (TM) is a 11 service between a paraprofessional staff member and the linked youth, working together to develop and ameliorate the youth’s managing chops, social chops, life chops, and communication chops. They work in confluence with other providers, i.e. inpatient and in- home therapists, to coordinate care.

Community Support Program (CSP)

Furnishing support to individualities in recovery, so they can remain in their communities.

Healthy recovery continues with CSP’sassistance.Remain substance-free, avoid outpatient stays, get support with behavioral health & medical issues. CSP was created to give fresh support to people as they work on their recovery within theircommunities.Often, guests who have been in an dependence treatment or Section 35 installation and are transitioning back into their communities profit from redundant support.

CSP fellow help guests by

Connecting them to a primary care croaker if they don’t have one

Coordinating transportation to movables comforting, croaker, dentist, casing, court, etc.

Supporting Guests as they connect to tone- help and other support-suchlike groups within the recovery network

Connecting them to demanded services fiscal, employment, family support,etc.

Brockton Area Prevention Collaborative

Substance abuse affects everyone. We seek for situations where change can be done and be effective in a new way.The Collaborative is concentrated on education, training, and outreach for active consumers, onlookers, and healthcare providers.

The ideal of the Brockton Area Prevention Collaborative is to give primary, secondary and tertiary forestallment coffers including education, mindfulness and support to the communities that we serve. High Point Treatment Center’s Prevention Services staff provides specialized backing to levies across twelve sectors in addition to promoting advocacy and working painlessly to reduce the smirch associated with substance use diseases.

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