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Innovated in 2013, Progressions Treatment Center has been a compassionate source of quality alcohol, substance use complaint, and behavioral health treatment to thousands of individualities. With installations in Miami and Fort Lauderdale, we offer a full continuum of care ranging from inpatient detoxification and domestic treatment to a varied array of inpatient services acclimatized to our guests’needs.

 At Progressions, we’ve developed programs ranging from 5-7 days of inpatient detoxification and stabilization to over 90 days of care. Those stepping through our full continuum of treatment services will profit from personalized care designed to restrict cases into a new sober life gradationally and comfortably.


 Progressions is a medicine and alcohol recuperation center located in the recovery capital of the world, beautiful South Florida. Our holistic approach to dependence treatment is grounded on the principle that healing the underpinning issues at the root of dependence, rather than simply bandaging symptoms down, is the stylish system to help those with substance abuse diseases achieve sustained sobriety.

Our treatment program consists primarily of individual and group- grounded remedy sessions designed to help guests understand and manage with their symptoms and feelings in positive, healthy ways. it’s important to rebuild your life from the ground up, creating a life grounded on values, passion, and purpose. Your treatment platoon will work with you to develop these along with managing chops to carry you into long term sobriety.

 Recover from Dependence in Luxury Lodgment

 For numerous individualities floundering with dependence, seeking help can be a confusing and shocking fire. It’s frequently unclear whether or not detox will be necessary, what exactly treatment entails, and how to take the first way to get the stylish help for your substance abuse complaint.

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 Inpatient detox is a clinically supervised, medically supported conclusion of substance use for those who have developed a physical dependence. For numerous floundering with medicine or alcohol dependence the coercion to use is no longer driven by pleasure, but rather to ward off the extremely unwelcome symptoms of pullout. The need for further medicines or alcohol is now eternalized by the fact that violent sickness will set in if one does n’t continue to use his or her medicine of choice.

For individualities in the fray of physical dependence there’s nothing that will inhibit them from continued substance abuse. Legal struggles, job loss, social and domestic consequences-these may give the addict pause as they continue their dependence, but eventually the physical pining for their substance of choice will win out. Recovery from substance abuse requires this vicious cycle be intruded, and more frequently than not this interruption can only be completed through admission to a detox installation.

Detoxification Treatment Options

 The Progressions Treatment Center clinical platoon tailors an personalized treatment plan to each customer, anyhow of the inflexibility of medicine or alcohol dependence and any affiliated or beginning internal health diseases similar as depression, anxiety, bipolar complaint, or personality diseases.

 Our diurnal treatment conditioning for dependence recovery programs correspond of a combination of remedial approaches that include one-on-one comforting as well as group remedy, where actors are free to partake issues, challenges and advice in a safe, probative terrain.

And while Progressions doesn’t offer a 12- Step program per say-so, we’re probative of the 12 Way and encourage Guests to influence the benefits that a 12- Step approach can offer them.

 We also offer indispensable support style groups similar as Smart Recovery.

 Our Medicine and Alcohol Addiction Treatment Program Includes The following

Detox Options

An essential foundation to our treatment plan is our medically supervised detox program. When a person has an substance dependence, the body develops a physical dependence on that substance. Going “ cold lemon” isn’t as successful, and can produce dangerous health pitfalls. The result is medically supervised detoxification, which minimizes the cerebral and physical symptoms of pullout within a safe terrain.

evolutions treatment center

. For the most optimal treatment results, medical detoxification provides the body and mind with a “ clean slate” before remedy begins. From there, a customer enters one of our technical remedy programs.

 Short- Term Treatment

 Progressions Treatment Center offers colorful situations of treatment, including short- term. This is for the person who has a good prognostic in admitting to treatment for a period of 30 days. Short- term treatment provides a safe and secure terrain at ourFt. Lauderdale installations, while separating cases from those surroundings where they came addicted to medicines or alcohol.

Long- Term Treatment

 For those that suffer from more severe forms of medicine and alcohol dependences, extended recovery is pivotal to proper recovery. These programs give a lesser occasion for recovery. After apost-detox 30- day treatment, the long- term medicine and alcohol treatment program is customized for only the most positive results, and delivers a much more particular experience.

 Our Long- term substance abuse treatment programs last three months or further, and bear several hours of treatment each day for five to seven days a week with erected in step-down factors that help withre-integration into mainstream life as treatment pretensions are met.evolutions treatment center

Transitional Rehab Programs

While involved in one of our short- term or long- term medicine treatment programs, the terrain is safe, and the clinical care flawless. Still, as the original phases of treatment come to an end reintegration to life previous to treatment can be grueling and occasionally returning to an old terrain where dependence was present can be driving and increase the threat of relapsing. Progressions Treatment Center has the ultimate result with our Transitional Rehab Programs. Our Ferocious Inpatient Program (IOP), which is supported by our Florida Transition Recovery Program, allows recovering addicts to safely transition into their new healthy life while continuing to remain in casing at our accredited installation. Programs vary, and include either day or evening IOP treatment, drug operation, MAT ( drug Supported Treatment), casing, support, and supervision.


Personalized Plans

Every treatment for substance abuse is different, and this is why Progressions Treatment Center has created personalized medicine and alcohol dependence treatment plans that address each customer’s unique need. Numerous dependencesco-occur with other psychiatric diseases similar as anxiety and major depression. These situations bear tailored treatment programs from our largely- trained clinicians from our Nursing Assessment through our Psychiatric Evaluation and Biopsychosocial Analysis.


Another piece to the medicine and alcohol recovery mystification at Progressions Treatment center is ferocious psychotherapy either on an individual or group base. Our psychotherapy utilizes professional credentialed clinicians and is overseen by Certified Clinical Psychologists with decades of experience working with the addicted.

This remedy focuses on prostrating root problems with anxiety, depression, personality diseases, mood diseases, low tone- regard,post-traumatic stress complaint or nonage trauma – all typicalco-occurring diseases with substance dependence. This same remedy is also available in group sessions where peers help each other in the recuperation process.

Ferocious Inpatient CARE

Our IOP programs offer diurnal substance abuse comforting sessions for a minimum of three hours per day, three to six days per week depending on the existent’s progress in their recovery. At Progressions, the ferocious inpatient program is the coming step down from our PHP position of care and offers a less restrictive treatment terrain, allowing guests more free time to grow outside of the clinical setting.

Cases can transfer from PHP to IOP grounded on their progress as assessed by their therapist. Alternately, guests can conclude to enter IOP directly following successful completion of our inpatient domestic program when supposed clinically applicable.

Ferocious Inpatient Program Details

In addition to a myriad of ancillary services, this inpatient program includes the following factors

. -Oversight by one of our board certified psychiatrists with voluntary psychiatric evaluation and daily follow-up sessions.

– Assessment, oversight, and collaboration of care by one of our licensed psychologists.

-Bio-psychosocial assessment that exhaustively addresses all angles of the customer’s complaint, including any areas of concern in their recovery progress, from which a tailored treatment plan will be formulated.

-Ferocious process and substantiated grounded specialty group remedy sessions.

-Individual remedy by a certified clinician.

– Family remedy by a certified clinician.

-Case operation and continuing care planning.

 Inpatient PROGRAM

Inpatient treatment ( also known as aftercare) is the final step down in our continuum of care, generally following successful completion of our Ferocious Inpatient Program (IOP).

Our inpatient treatment aids our guests as they work to make on the progress they achieved in our PHP and IOP programs. The thing of inpatient treatment at Progressions is to help your continued growth in sobriety by maintaining a strong connection between you and your community of support then at Progressions.

Cases admit the support they need to insure long- lasting sobriety, and focus is placed on education for ongoing recovery and refining longer- term recovery plans.

 Certified Mental Health Programs

Then at Progressions, we’ve incorporated the rearmost substantiation- grounded cerebral and behavioral curatives in order to give the stylish in class inpatient treatment services for internal health diseases. Our educated clinicians are well- equipped to diagnose and treat ails similar as depression, anxiety diseases, bipolar diseases, PTSD, trauma- convinced internal ails, and personality/ studydisorders.However, anyhow if you ’ve entered a opinion or not, Progressions is further than able of helping you stabilize and recover from these serious diseases, If you suppose you may be suffering from a internal illness.

  • Our Mental Health Residential Programs
  • Our Mental Health PHP Programs
  • Our Mental Health IOP Programs
  • Our Mental Health OP Programs

According to the most lately published data by Mental Health America (MHA) in their State of Mental Health in America 2018 check, further than 43 million Americans suffer from some form of internal health complaint. With 18 of adult Americans dealing with a internal illness of some kind, you aren’t alone in your struggle with internal health. The smirch girding internal ails has faded from society for the utmost part, so you need not feel any shame regarding your need for backing with restoring a healthy state of mind. Over four million grown-ups are living with an anxiety complaint, and 16 million grown-ups live with a major depression complaint. Over nine and a half million American grown-ups have reported passing suicidal studies at some point in their life. Nearly half of those floundering with a internal health complaint are also dealing with aco-occurring substance abuse complaint. Unfortunately, 58 of grown-ups floundering with internal illness admit no treatment and needlessly live with similar difficulties. Mental health conditions are suitable to be treated and successfully managed, but taking that first step and asking for help is absolutely necessary to recover from these serious ails.

 Types Of Mental Health Therapy

We offer a wide range of curatives to insure that our guests’ physical, internal, emotional, and spiritual requirements are met.

Some of the remedial ways employed at Progressions include

  • Dialectical Geste Remedy (DBT)

Process groups

  • Sickie-educational groups
  • Cognitive Geste Remedy (CBT)
  • Pet- supported remedy (Seasonal)
  • Awareness training
  • Trauma concentrated groups
  • Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Family remedy
  • Mood operation groups
  • Binary opinion groups
  • Holistic curatives similar as yoga, acupuncture, and tai chi

.• Wrathfulness Operation


We’re certified by the Florida Department of Children and Families (DCF) and the Agency for Healthcare Administration (AHCA). We’re also accredited by the Joint Commission, a testament to the quality of care handed to our cases.evolutions treatment center

evolutions treatment center

evolutions treatment center

evolutions treatment center

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