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When you or a loved one is in need of care, Coastal Harbor Health System is there for you. Our trained croakers, nursers, and therapists are behavioral care experts who understand the sensitive problems you or a loved one are facing. Our two locations, Coastal Behavioral Health and Coastal Harbor Treatment Center, are easily accessible in Savannah, Georgia, but we accept cases from all over the United States.

Coastal Behavioral Health

Coastal Behavioral Health serves men and women, periods 18 and over, with high quality, affordable internal healthservices.However, psychiatric or substance abuse problems, our platoon of psychiatric nursers, or if you or a loved one needs help with emotional issues.

To meet the various therapeutic needs, Coastal Behavioral Health offers both inpatient and acute outpatient programs. Our 50- bed acute inpatient sanitarium is designed to help those in extremity who may need a secure terrain in which to begin their recovery.

Coastal Harbor Treatment Center

Coastal Harbor Treatment Center youth treatment facilities provide short-term or long-term outpatient assistance to children and adolescents aged 4 to 17 who are dealing with extreme conditions or continuing behavioral, mental, or emotional challenges. Growing up can be difficult for some people, and when it becomes uncontrollable, the experts at Coastal Harbor Treatment Center can assist. We also give remedial foster care placement for children in need of short- term care from a loving family.

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As a Joint Commission-Accredited behavioral health installation, our inpatient and inpatient health installations in Georgia delivers exceptional, affordable education and treatment in a secure 114- bed installation that’s intimately possessed and operated.

Treatments & Services

Mental Health and Addiction Treatment at Coastal Harbor Health System.

We specialize in some of life’s most difficult challenges. Coastal Harbor Health System’s expert platoon of psychiatrists, psychiatric nursers, dependence counselors, discharge itineraries and recreational therapists design personalized treatment plans to help our cases overcome their internal, emotional or psychiatric issues.

Children & Adolescents

Still, Coastal Harbor Treatment Center’s croakers and trained professionals work with children and adolescents to develop healthy actions to manage with ongoing issues, If your child is passing emotional or behavioral problems.

Overview of Mental Health Treatment for Children and Adolescents

Pertaining a youthful person to an inpatient installation isn’t a decision than should be made smoothly. Coastal Harbor Health’s team of mental health professionals will determine the optimal course of internal health care if hospitalization looks to be necessary. Led by a Board Pukka child psychiatrist, our multidisciplinary platoon of nursers, therapists, preceptors, and case directors will work together to produce a treatment plan specific to each child’s particular requirements.

Children and adolescents likewise struggle with internal ails similar as severe depression, anxiety diseases or other psychiatric issues. Some have multiple issues including substance abuse recuperation, ADD/ ADHD, and experimental disabilities. Our outpatient programs take place in largely structured, nurturing surroundings where cases can develop a sense of tone- worth, gain a tool tackle of new managing chops, take part in internal health comforting programs, and learn to take responsibility for their geste.

Remedial factors may include

Group remedy

Family remedy

Full- time academy ( domestic program)

Recreational remedy

Drug operation

Community service systems ( domestic program)


Still, or is in need of substance abuse recuperation, Coastal Behavioral Health’steam  of experts is then to help with programs acclimatized to fit each existent’s requirements, If you or a loved one is floundering with psychiatric or emotional problems.

Mental Health Treatment for Grown-ups

The lot of Coastal Behavioral Health is a 50- bed acute inpatient sanitarium for individualities suffering from psychiatric problems or substance abuse. It’s accessibly located in Savannah on Stephenson Avenue.

Coastal Behavioral Health is staffed by psychiatrists specializing in adult psychiatry and dependence drug, psychiatric nursers, certified therapists, discharge itineraries and recreational therapists. Our staff assesses each existent to determine a technical program that stylish fits his or her needs. We oversee every step of the internal health treatment process to insure they admit the veritably stylish care, each and every day.

Psychiatric Inpatient Treatment

Our adult psychiatric care installations and programs offer ferocious 24-hour support in a secure setting for cases 18 and aged with ongoing psychiatric and substance abuse problems. After resolving the immediate extremity after admission, our educated platoon of psychiatrists, nursers, and therapists develop a largely personalized treatment plan within the sanitarium setting.

Our Mental Health Treatment Program

The platoon approach to treatment provides comprehensive programming that may include the following factors

Educational and process group remedy

Drug operation

Cognitive and Dialectical Geste Remedy

Sickie-educational groups

Family remedy

Discharge planning

In addition to the ferocious clinical treatment, each case receives are openings for cases to share in conditioning that promote overall heartiness and bring enjoyment to numerous who may not have plant joy in life’s pleasures for some time. Participation in these conditioning is voluntary for all cases

Beast- supported remedy

Case library


Religious services

Weekend cookouts

Substance Abuse Inpatient Treatment

This program is designed to treat those grown-ups age 18 and aged who have abused medicines, alcohol and other substances. The croakers and clinicians also specialize in working with cases who have a psychiatric opinion as well. Medically supervised detoxification is handed in utmost cases in a precisely covered setting with attentive medical and nursing care. In some cases, substance abuse recuperation services are available.

Drowsy Dependence Treatment

Coastal Harbor Health Systems offers drowsy dependence treatment options on an outpatient and inpatient base. Our inpatient program offers detoxification from anodynes with treatment options to minimize the uncomfortable symptoms of pullout. We also offer a longer- term outpatient recuperation.Partial Hospitalization and Ferocious Inpatient programs are also available to help clients maintain their sobriety and continue their therapy.

No- cost Requirements Assessments are offered daily and are completed by good clinicians. After the exam, our doctor will discuss the results with an on-call psychiatrist. The psychiatrist will also give treatment recommendations, which will be presented to the customer for review. We’re committed to helping those in need find the right treatment options that work stylish for them.

Our Substance Abuse Program

Physicians and our platoon of educated substance abuse counselors meet together diurnal to estimate each case’s progress. Some of the inpatient substance abuse treatment options available to you are listed below.

Medically supervised detoxification

Educational and process group remedy

Substance abuse education and relapse forestallment

Cognitive and Dialectical Geste Remedy

Rummies Anonymous ® and Narcotics Anonymous groups

Sickie-educational groups

Individual remedy

Family Remedy

Discharge planning

Inpatient Programs Overview

Cases, who need further than daily inpatient sessions but lower than hospitalization, who are seeking results to their psychiatric or emotional issues as well as to those living with substance abuse are ideal for our inpatient programs.

Partial Hospitalization

The Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is a full-day treatment program in which our physicians provide a variety of group therapies aimed at improving coping skills, identifying dysfunctional behaviors, and improving the overall quality of life of the client. Cases attend PHP, in person, at our lot in Savannah, Georgia five days a week. Our Psychiatrist can initiate specifics and/ or give drug operation for cases who bear them while they’re in the PHP program.

Ferocious Inpatient

The Ferocious Inpatient Program (IOP) is a half- day program, 3 days per week, incorporating the same remedy factors as PHP for individualities that need further backing than daily comforting sessions can give but don’t bear the intensity or structure of a full- day program. Cases may attend IOP in person at our lot in Savannah, GA or nearly from any position. For cases with limited time or capability to travel, the IOP format can be ideal.


Stress associated with military deployment and reintegrating into mercenary life can have a continuing effect. Coastal Behavioral Health’s service internal health programs help with reintegration, rebuilding, resolution and readiness.

Return to Readiness Treatment Program ™ (RTR)

Coastal Behavioral Health designed the 4 – 6 week Return to Readiness ™ (RTR) recuperation program to give intertwined internal health treatment services for active duty service members and stagers who are floundering with substance abuse and/ or psychiatric diseases as a result of traumatic, similar as PTSD, or stressful situations throughout deployment and reintegration. It’s our thing to help our current and former military cases deal with the multitude of issues that they face, so that they may move into the coming phase of their lives with healthy managing chops and coffers for mending.

We concentrate our military internal health program on

Post Traumatic Stress Complaint (PTSD)/ Combat Stress

Cognitive restructuring

Mercenary reintegration processing

Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR)

Exercise/ Recreational Remedy including PT

Wrathfulness operation

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