Children’s crisis treatment center

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Suit 600

Philadelphia, PA 19125


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The Children’s Crisis Treatment Center (CCTC) is a private non-profit organization dedicated to providing behavioral health services to children and their families in Philadelphia. We are committed to addressing the negative effects of child abuse, neglect, traumatic events, and other factors on early childhood development, as well as aiding children in realizing their full potential in their homes, communities, and society.

CCTC serves approximately 2,400 children and families each year with a staff of over 400. Our experience in the areas of trauma, school-based programs, community integration, and early childhood therapy has earned CCTC acclaim for our achievements and unrelenting dedication to quality.


The Early Years of the Franklin Institute, 1971-1978 From 1978 to 1997, 1823 Callowhill Street served as a home base. The Years of Expansion, 1997-2009: Programming in the Community and at Schools Leadership, Integration, and Partnerships, 2009-Present


Mission & Vision:

Beginning in early life, to enthusiastically fulfil the emotional needs of children and families. We meet children where they are and help them achieve their greatest potential, no matter what obstacles they face.

CCTC will be the region’s leader in delivering high-quality mental health care for children, as well as training, teaching, and advocacy for best practices. For both children and families, as well as future employees, we will be the first option. Strong collaboration partnerships and community integration will help us flourish.


Management Personnel:

Our varied staff is dedicated to supporting the mental health needs of Philadelphia’s children and families, in keeping with CCTC’s purpose.

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Executive Committee:

Antonio Vald├ęs ,Chief Executive Officer

Ileana Helwig ,Chief Operating Officer

Gordon E. Shopp ,Chief Financial Officer

Dr. Andrea S. Ettingoff ,Director of Clinical and Quality Affairs,

Dr. Grace Ryder Director of Best Practices and Strategic Initiatives,

Andrea Kennedy Director of Human Resources,

John Moeller Jr.Director of Development,

Linda Melendez ,Executive Manager

Dr. Eswar is a medical doctor.

A Safe space Facility:

A warm and inviting physical location, according to CCTC, is critical to establishing a safe emotional place for the children and families we serve. This has been factored into our interior design strategy. Our facilities, which are decorated with bright colours, optimistic slogans, and interpretative artwork, are designed to reflect the sense of optimism and healing that we strive to in still in the children we work with. We want to employ the same strategy to guarantee that the locations we occupy match our identity as an organization as we expand into Montgomery County and continue to offer activities at additional places across the city.

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Children’s crisis treatment center

Children’s crisis treatment centerChildren's crisis treatment center