Bed bug heat treatment success rate

Heat treatment is an efficient way to eliminate bed bugs quickly. Since bed bugs are becoming immune to pesticides, many licensed exterminators rely on this process. The question is whether bed bugs can become heat resistant and whether heat treatment is efficient.

Heat treatment is effective at temperatures of 122 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. This temperature kills both bed bugs and their nests. Some bed bugs, on the other hand, may be able to live by hiding in cooler areas. It is possible to perform a DIY heat treatment, but it is difficult to reach all areas of the house. Heat treatment by a professional is much more successful.

Heat treatment is becoming more common among exterminators as a method of eradicating bed bugs. Heat treatment is most effective when combined with other bed bug removal techniques. That’s why many exterminators finish the job by spraying a small amount of pesticide repellent.

How to Prepare for Bed Bug Heat Treatments?

Preparation is important if your home is about to undergo heat treatment for bed bugs. Although your pest control specialist can have the required guidance, North Carolina State University recommends that you take the following steps before beginning treatment:

  • Do not switch things from one room to another in your house. This may spread the infestation to other places.
  • Place all things on the ground in plastic bags to keep them secure. Sealing these things will trap bed bugs inside if they are infested.

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  • After washing, wash the sheets according to the manufacturer’s instructions and store them in sealed plastic bags. Remove these things only after consulting with a pest control professional.

Make an appointment with Terminix if you suspect your home has bed bugs. Our qualified technicians may assist you in determining the best solution for your home, which may or may not involve heat treatment. They can also assist you in completing the requisite planning steps so that you get the most out of your service.

What Temperature Kills Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs start to suffer at 113 degrees. To be healthy, however, care should be carried out at higher temperatures.

Professional exterminators aim for a temperature of 122 degrees or higher within your furniture. This is the most effective way to destroy bed bugs with heat.


Success rate of heat treatment for Bed Bugs 

The effectiveness of heat treatment is determined by how well your exterminator heats your room’s cold spots. Bed bugs prefer to hide in cold places, which is bad. The underside of your mattress and under furniture are good places to escape the worst of the sun.

Heat treatment, on the other hand, has a 100% success rate when performed correctly. Heat treatment destroys any single bed bug and their eggs if the exterminator takes their time. There’s no need to wait weeks for bed bugs to die because they’re killed instantly.

During heat treatment, a variety of things can go wrong. This lowers the service’s performance rate. They are as follows:

  • The room was not properly secured, allowing bed bugs to escape.
  • Since the heat treatment did not last long enough, every cold spot was not heated.
  • Bed bugs or eggs were found on the items you removed from the room.
  • The temperature isn’t high enough to kill any of the bed bugs.

Any of these factors may reduce the effectiveness of heat treatment.

It is possible to do research on the business you want to hire and read online reviews. You can learn about other people’s success rates by looking at their experiences.

How Much Does Bed Bug Heat Treatment Cost?

When it comes to the cost of heat treatment, there are two factors to consider: the inspection fee and the treatment itself.

The inspection fee is the amount you pay for the first callout. In order to locate bed bugs, the exterminator looks around your house.

The aim of the inspection is to determine whether or not your home is infested with bed bugs. The average cost of a home inspection is between $50 and $100.

If bed bugs are discovered, you will be charged a treatment fee to get rid of them. On average, heat treatment costs about $400, which is comparable to pesticide treatment. You would be able to find pesticide exterminators at a lower cost and more costly heat treatments at a higher cost. This is due to the fact that heat treatment is not widely used.

The Benefits of Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs

Heat treatment for a bed bug infestation has both advantages and disadvantages. Let’s start with the most important benefits.

  • Heat Treatment Doesn’t Use Chemicals
  • Bed Bugs Can’t Become Immune to Heat
  • Heat Penetrates Your Whole Home
  • Every Bed Bug Life Stage is Vulnerable to Heat
  • Heat Treatment Works Instantly

Heat Treatment for Bed Bugs Has Its Drawbacks

Bed bug heat treatment isn’t ideal, even though it’s typically effective. The following are the key drawbacks to using heat to destroy bed bugs.

  • Heat Treatment Can’t Repel Bed Bugs
  • Some Cold Spots Might Be Missed
  • Not All Exterminators Offer Bed Bug Heat Treatment
  • Bed Bug Heat Treatment Can Be Expensive
  • DIY Heat Treatment is Difficult

Bed bug heat treatment success rate

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Bed bug heat treatment success rate