Autism Treatment Center
Dallas, Fort Worth, San Antonio.

Headquarter address:
11651 Plano Rd, Ste 100
Dallas, TX 75243
Phone: (469) 872-7720
Fax: (214) 553-703

15911 Nacogdoches Rd Building 2,
San Antonio, TX 78247, USA
Phone No: 1 210-590-21071 210-590-2107

1100 Circle Dr., Suite 101
​Fort Worth, TX 76119
Phone: (817) 566-1100
​Fax: (817) 536-6945
The Autism Treatment Center's purpose is to help people with autism and
associated problems learn, play, work, and live in the community throughout
their lives.
All Services of This Center:
1. Physical Therapy
Physical therapy aims to improve mobility issues that are common in
people with autism, such as balance, posture, and strength. Movement
and play become a teaching route through therapeutic play in a gym
with sensorimotor equipment.
2. Speech Therapy
Therapists identify strengths and weaknesses in the following areas to
create an individual program: the ability to produce sounds in words, the
ability to understand and use language, the ability to use socially
appropriate language, and the ability to use voluntary movements to
produce speech and ensure texture progression with a variety of foods.
3. Occupational Therapy
Occupational therapy's objective is to assist people gain independence
and develop the skills they need to engage in purposeful and meaningful

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everyday activities. Learning to engage with the world around you,
balance and coordination, self-care, and fine motor abilities such as
writing and tying your shoes are just a few examples of talents.

4. Education
Year-round lessons for kids ages 3 to 22 are available through ATC's TEA-
certified educational program. Low student-to-teacher ratios and a
tailored curriculum are used to better fulfill the educational goals and
objectives of each student. Teachers create an environment of
acceptance and inspiration for their pupils, making sure to recognize and
celebrate each success, no matter how minor. Education services are
accessible in both Dallas and San Antonio.
5. Applied behaviour Analysis

Positive reinforcement is used in ABA Therapy to aid with
communication, attention, social skills, academics, and independence
while reducing problem behaviors. Following an initial assessment, each
student is given a tailored plan with short and long-term objectives. All
sites – Dallas, Fort Worth, and San Antonio – provide ABA.
6. Adult Services
7. Residential

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Autism Treatment Center

Autism Treatment Center

Autism Treatment Center

Autism Treatment Center